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Custom Beef

Order Ahead for Custom Bulk Grass Fed Beef 
Fill up the freezer and enjoy the savings!

We have custom beef that is offered in spring (June/July - sold out) and in the fall (October).   You can choose the month you want it ready as you order your item.  Please plan to have your meat delivered or pick-up at On-Farm store the month you request it.  Thank you.
Add-On Extra Bundle
Regular Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $55.00
In stock
Beef Bundle Grill
Price: $357.00
In stock
Beef Bundle Mixed
Price: $682.00
In stock
Beef Bundle Roast
Price: $445.00
In stock
Ground Beef Bundle
Price: $250.00
In stock
Half Beef Cow
Price: $1,663.00
In stock
Whole Beef Cow
Price: $2,925.00
In stock