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Grilling Season

These are perfect items to throw on your grill this summer!

A few cooking tips:
1. The Skin-On Chicken breasts (vs. the skinless) are perfect for slathering bbq sauce and keeping in the moisture.
2. You might enjoy marinating the beef kabobs overnight, then skew and grill away!
3. Grass Fed Steaks cook a little faster, so plan on a little less heat and less time.  You want to finish them around medium.  See more directions on those here.
4.  The beef brisket, turkey leg, and pork country style ribs have amazing flavor and think they are perfect for smoking or slow and steady on the grill.  Here's our favorite Texas Beef Brisket Recipe.

Beef Brisket
Price: $10.00
In stock
Beef Filet Mignon Steak
Price: $27.00
In stock
Beef New York Strip Steak
Price: $19.00
In stock
Beef Ribeye / Delmonico Steak
Price: $17.00
In stock
Beef Sausage Smoked Chorizo Links
Price: $8.25
Out of stock
Beef Sausage Smoked Maple
Price: $8.25
In stock
Beef Sirloin Steak
Price: $13.00
Out of stock
Boneless Pork Chops (Sliced Loin)
Price: $13.29
In stock
Chicken Breast
Price: $13.50
In stock
Chicken Legs Drumsticks
Price: $5.00
In stock
Chicken Thigh
Price: $5.50
In stock
Chicken Wings
Price: $4.25
In stock
Ground Beef
Price: $7.50
In stock
Pork Bratwurst Links 4oz
Price: $7.00
In stock
Pork Chops (Center Cut)
Price: $12.00
Out of stock
Pork Spare Ribs
Price: $6.25
In stock
Turkey Leg
Price: $4.50
In stock