Sustain Green Box

Sustain Green Box
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Choose Auto-Monthly Supply if you want a monthly order to automatically renew.  Cancel at anytime after you receive your second box with a 2 week advanced notice.  Your order takes priority, so you can relax and count on us!  This item can be shipped, picked up at a drop site or on-farm store.

This is our medium shipping cooler box, containing 18 lbs of deliciousness that you can use to sustain your family. The Sustain Box is put together with a family of four to six in mind, including items like pork smoked bacon, sausage, ground beef, steaks, breast and more. The contents can easily feed a family of two for a month as well.

Here's what is included in the Sustain Box: 
2lbs. Forest Raised Pork Sausage links
2lbs. Forest Raised Pork Sausage Bulk
1lb. Forest Raised Pork Smoked Bacon
4lbs Forest Raised Pork Boston Butt (or fresh ham)
2lbs Forest Rasied Pork Chops
3lbs. Grass Fed Ground Beef
lbs Grass Fed Beef Steak (NY or Ribeye)
lbs Pasture Raised Chicken Legs
.8lbs Pasture Raised Chicken Breast & Tender
6 - 1oz. pkgs Grass Fed Beef & Pork Snack Sticks (shelf stable)

*If an item is out of stock, we will substitute something of likeness in it's place.  Not all items can be exact weights, so there may be variances (+/-) of individual packages than what is listed, but final weight will always be 18lbs.

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At J & L Green Farm, we are proud to claim that our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished and raised entirely on pasture. This means that we never feed any supplemental grain to our cattle; they are only fed grass and hay from the moment we receive them on our farm to the day their meat is harvested. We encourage you to check out our Grass Fed Beef page here.

Our pork is raised on pastured or in the forest and moved frequently to new paddocks.  To learn more about we raise them from start to finish, we encourage you to check out our Pastured Pork page here.

See & Taste the Difference in Every Bite.

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1. on 1/21/2019, said:
5 stars out of 5
Choosing to order meat from J&L Green Farm is mainly an ethical choice—it is very important that my household supports local farmers and ethical farming practices. But we also get consistently high-quality meat and the customer service is excellent. When I requested to personalize my monthly order to more closely fit my family's needs, Laura was both accommodating and friendly. I would enthusiastically recommend ordering from J&L Green Farm to anyone looking for quality meat they can feel good about.
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