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Beef Production School

Beef Production School
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July 29-30, 2019 - Beef Production School July 31- August 1, 2019 - Marketing School Beef Production School: During these two days we will dive into what it takes to build a profitable, direct to retail, grass-fed/grass-finished beef enterprise. Drawing on our 15 years of experience with grass based cattle production this school will walk through all the steps from the sale barn to the retail ready steak. Aspects of the school are on the farm, in the classroom and at the sale barn!

Topics we will cover include:

~ Infrastructure and Ground considerations for your farm.

~ Pasture Management.

~ Gear and Equipment.

~ Sale barn basics

~ Considerations for Cow/calf vs. Stocker/finishing.

~ Management & Movement.

~ Carcass audits.

~ Bringing your product to market.

Schedule: Doors open 7:30am, school starts 8:00am.  Concludes 5:00pm each day.

Marketing School: This school will go in depth on how we started from scratch and have continued to grow our sales exponentially year after year.  It takes work and we will provide the knowledge and useful tools so that you can succeed in your marketplace. We all know that without selling what we produce, we won’t have a viable business. So let’s be sure to have the correct information to work in a way that will create the biggest impact in sales.  We will discuss our experience with Farmers Markets, Drop Sites/Buying Clubs, Online Sales, Shipping, Home Delivery, Wholesale, Restaurants, and On-farm sales. We’ll look at the ins and outs of logistics, regulations, selling by the piece vs. by the pound, carcass vs. individual cuts, websites, e-commerce, cut sheets, building your story, branding, social media presence, and so much more.  It’s exciting and fun to watch your business grow (or looking at where you want to start) and we are excited to help you! This class can be taken with the Farrow to Finish School or taken by itself. Happy Selling!

Ticket prices:

Spouse Add-on Ticket - We offer a special discount for a spouse ticket as an add on to a fully priced ticket per school.

Young folks ( 8 - 16 YO ) may attend for a nominal fee, please no children under 8 years old without contacting us first.

LODGING: There are several chain hotels and motels within 15 minutes of the farm in the towns of Woodstock VA & Mt. Jackson VA.

~ Jordan & Laura


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