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Are you looking for a thanksgiving turkey?  We've got you covered!
You can add a WHOLE TURKEY to your shopping cart here.  Don't forget the turkey broth for some amazing gravy!

Our turkeys are raised on pasture, fed gmo-free grains, and enjoy a healthy, low stress outdoor environment!
Read more about it under our agricultural principles here.

Any turkeys being delivered/shipped (home delivery, drop sites, and Fedex) will be frozen. If you want a fresh turkey you will need to pick up at our On-Farm Store located in Edinburg, VA on Monday (11/19) or Tuesday (11/20) before Thanksgiving.

The price is $3.85/lb and weight will be between 10-18lbs. By submitting this form you are commiting to buy and pick-up your turkey in November.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

 Find our favorite Turkey Brine Recipe here!  It's so good!
We also encourage you to read this educational blog post about the "5 Things you need to know about Pastured Turkeys" - Feel Free to Share with a friend!