Questions? Call Us: 540-333-1867
4010 Swover Creek Rd, Edinburg, VA 22824
 On-Farm Store Hours: THURS & SAT 9a.m.- 3p.m. 
FRI 1-7p.m.

No Strings Attached:
-No monthly minimum (buy as little or as much as you want)
-No membership fees
-No grocery store lines

Farm to Fork:
Farm To You!  Click here to view our local drop site schedule.
You To Farm! Click here to see our on-farm store directions and hours.
Shipping! Click here to learn more about how it works.

New to our Farm?  Check out our beginner sample bag as we have selected a special variety of cuts just for you.

Your Choice:
-You choose what you order each time (individual packages or bulk quantities such as half of cow or bundles).
-You choose the location that fits your needs
-You choose how you pay whether it’s by check, cash, or credit card
-You choose when you place your order throughout the week (up to 5 days before drop site delivery)

What To Expect When Ordering:
-Easy online shopping cart where each item is marked with a price per pound as well as a description and picture.
-Your final invoice will be emailed to you no later than the day before drop off
- Your final invoice total may vary. We adjust the weights for exactly what you are receiving and each cut varies in size, so your invoice may be less or more but we do our best to pack what you ordered.
- A delivery fee is charged for all orders delivered to a drop site.  It is charged by the pound and this is the breakdown you can expect.  1-10lbs is .55/lb, all orders over 11lbs+ are charged .35/lb.
- There is a small credit card fee to help cover some of the cost, it is $1 for each hundred dollar increment (for example $125 total would be charged $2).
- Orders for Drop Sites are needed 5 days prior to the drop off
- No delivery fee on orders being picked up at our On-farm store
- No order is needed if you plan to stop by and go shopping at our On-Farm store

What To Expect From Our Products:
-No Msg
-No fillers or preservatives
- No food dyes or coloring
- No meat tenderizers or plumpers
- No artificial nitrates
- No growth hormones
- Processed at T&E Meat (click here to learn more about them)
- GMO free grains (Regularly tested by Sunrise Feeds - click here to learn more about them)

Our Promise To Excellence:

Meet the Farmer - Laura (co-owner) personally handles your order from start to finish.  She packs up your order and delivers it to the drop off site.  No Middle man.  Every person and family that purchases from J&L Green Farm is welcomed and appreciated.

Customer Service – You will be greeted with a smile and given excellent customer service from start to finish.  You can count on your order to be accurate and communicated when something is sold out or substituted on your invoice.

Highest Quality – J&L Green Farm produces the highest quality pastured based meat and eggs.  From 100% grass-fed beef, pastured poultry to forested pork you will find everything to be top notch.  Our animals are always on the move with our rotational grazing methods which is good for the environment and good for you!  Read more about how we care for our animals here.

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