Whole Hog

Whole Hog
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Average Whole Hog Cost*: $950.00
Deposit to Reserve Spot: $200.00.

2021 Dates:
Reservation pick-up dates shown (on the drop down menu above) are expected pick-up/ready dates for your hog.  Please keep in mind that sometimes our butcher will need more time and the date will be moved by a week.  We always do our best to communicate as soon as possible.

SHIPPING CUSTOMERS: We are now accepting reservations for shipping customers. Please take note that the shipping cost shown at checkout may cost more depending on the final weight of product being shipped.

*Bulk Pork is sold by hanging weight.
Hanging Weight: $4.75/lb
Average hanging weight for whole hog: 200lbs
Total Average Price: $950.00 + tax.

Deposit is expected to be paid within 1 week of placing order if paying by cash or check.  If paying by credit card, deposit is expected at checkout.

Final payment is expected within 7 days of invoice which is generally at pick-up or prior to shipment.

CLICK HERE to read how it works from start to finish and understand the details before placing your reservation.

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Our pork is Forest and Pastured Raised and moved frequently to new paddocks.  To learn more about we raise our pigs and benefits of eating forest raised pork, we encourage you to check out our Pork page here.

See & Taste the Difference in Every Bite.

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