Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food
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We know how much food affects our health and wellness and know it's not any different for our pets.  We partnered up with a local company, Whistle Creek Pet Nutrition, to have our pastured raised meats offered as a supplemental feeding for your pets.  The best freshest ingredients made in small batches offered in 16oz. countainers!

Directions for feeding:
Feed 2-4% of body weight daily (1/2 lb per 25 lb body weight) based on activity level & age, less can be fed to achieve weight loss goals.  
Puppies & pregnant dogs will require 6-10% of body weight daily. Do not overfeed. Always monitor pet during consumption & provide clean drinking water.

Forested Boar Freshest Ingredients*:

J & L Green Farm Forested Boar, Pastured Chicken with Ground Bone, Pastured Turkey Heart & Liver, Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp with Water For Processing, Ginger, Cod Liver Oil, Wheat Germ Oil.


Pastured Chicken Freshest Ingredients*:

Pastured Chicken with Ground Bone, Pastured Chicken Heart & Liver, Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp with Water For Processing, Ginger, Cod Liver Oil, Wheat Germ Oil.


*Ingredients are subject to change as it is mixed in small batches and availability of certain products vary.


✔ J&L Green Farm Pasture Raised Meats

✔ Healthy & Nutritious Formulation

✔ Meat + Bone + Vitamins & Minerals

✔ No Chemicals, Coloring, or Preservatives

✔ Ingredients You Can Trust

✔ Grain Free

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