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Pork Fresh Side Whole (Belly)

Pork Fresh Side Whole (Belly)
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Each package weighs approx. 5lbs @ price per pound listed.  Each increment adds another pkg.
For example if you choose "quantity: 15" that means you are ordering approx. 3 packages.    Please keep in mind that orders are filled by the pound and total packages can vary.

This is a whole slab of uncured bacon (unsliced as well).  This cut is also known as whole pork belly.  There are so many options and uses for this delicate and tender meat  You may choose to cure it, smoke it, bake it, or fry it!  Any way you choose to cook this whole fresh side (aka pork belly), we believe you will find it feeling like a special occasion because it tastes OH SO GOOD!

Our favorite way to cook it:
Rub down with sea salt and pepper all over.  Place the meat on a rack (like a cooling rack) and then place fat side up on the rack on another pan (such as a cookie sheet or 9x13 pan) to catch the juices.  The goal is to have it out of the liquids so it can get crispy.  Place in oven at 425 degrees and cook for 1-2 hours until outside is crispy.  Slice it or cube it and enjoy by itself or in a recipe. 

P.S.  It will be a bit smokey as it cooks, but as long as you only use salt and pepper it won't burn (other seasonings or spices might burn - so it's best to keep it with these two at this high temperature).

This is just a very simple way that we enjoy cooking whole fresh side. There are many other ideas on how to cook pork belly if you look through some recipes online.
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Our pork is Forest and Pastured Raised and moved frequently to new paddocks.  To learn more about we raise our pigs and benefits of eating forest raised pork, we encourage you to check out our Pork page here.

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