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Chicken Backs

Chicken Backs
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Price is per pound above.  Each increment of quantity adds another package.
For example if you choose "quantity: 15" that means you are ordering approx. 3 packages.    Please keep in mind that orders are filled by the pound and total packages can vary.

DROP SITE & ON-FARM Customers: Please choose "Virginia Only"
OUT OF STATE (shipping) Customers: Please choose "Non-Virginia"

The reason for the "Virginia only" and "Non-Virginia" options is because of the regulations under which we process our chickens in the state of Virginia.  Most of our pasture raised chickens are processed on-farm under a VA exemption which gives us the permission to sell anywhere in our state.  We also bring some of our pasture raised chickens to a USDA processing facility - this gives us the permission to sell them anywhere in the USA.  If you see a little bit of price difference between the two, it's because (as you can imagine) it costs us more to have a USDA processor do it for us than to do it ourselves on-farm.  We always want the customer to understand and be happy with their purchase.  Thanks for supporting our family farm!

Chicken backs are great for making chicken broth.  You can plan on receiving around 2-4 backs per package weighing around 5lbs.  Pastured Raised chicken backs have an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that our bodies can use on a daily basis.

Cooking Suggestions:
Put backs in a pot covered with water, bring to a boil, then let simmer for 12+ hrs.  Use broth for soup or any recipe that calls for broth.  

Tips: Add chicken feet to the backs for a more gelatin stock.
Add vegetables while cooking for more flavor and nutrition.

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Our chickens are raised on pasture and moved to fresh grass on a daily basis.  See & Taste the Difference in Every Bite.  To learn more about how we raise our chickens from start to finish, we encourage you to check out our Pastured Chicken page here.

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1. on 9/10/2016, said:
5 stars out of 5
These chicken backs are a staple in my kitchen. Every month I purchase 8-12 pounds and following Laura's method of making broth, put up about 15 quarts for the freezer. I have a very old dog for whom I make a homemade feed using in part this meaty broth (also with carrots, celery, organic rice) and I am sure my dog's vitality at age 15 is due to his healthy diet. But, we eat tons of this broth too!
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